Frequently Asked Questions

 Where can I install my illuminated address?

The weatherproof Address LED illuminated street address sign is designed to be installed outdoors using simple hand tools.  The included transformer is not weatherproof. The transformer must be used indoors only.  The weatherproof Address LED lighted street address sign can be connected directly to an existing low voltage (12 volt DC only) landscape lighting system.  This option will allow the weatherproof Address LED lighted street numbers to be remotely installed down a driveway or pathway to increase visibility from the street at night.  Also, the illuminated street address sign can be mounted on a powered driveway gate and connected to 12 volt battery banks used to operate the gate.  The patented LED lighted address numbers can be mounted to posts in a yard, on a path, or in a garden. Customers have mounted the custom lighted house numbers to a garage, boat house, pool house, studio, workshop, gallery, etc.


I have a door bell transformer powering my old lighted address sign.  Will it work with the Address LED? Most doorbell tranformers operate on 12-18 VAC which is not compatible with the 12VDC required for the Address LED.  A hard-wired transformer can be purchased online to provide the power conversion necessary. Please consult a licensed electrician for assistance.


Hard-wired transformer - 120 VAC to 12 VDC examples include the following:

 ip67  - 18 watt

ip30 (indoor/dry location only)  - 12 watt


What mounting options do I have?

The weatherproof Address LED illuminated street address sign has mounting holes pre-drilled inside the durable aluminum frame for mounting to a wall using #6 screws (not included).  The mounting holes are accessible by opening the frame from the front (hinged).  Additionally, mounting brackets are included on the back of the weatherproof Address LED lighted street numbers to provide an alternative mounting method. The mounting brackets can be removed if not used.  Ideally, the product can be mounted on an attached or detached garage with the transformer (included) plugged into a grounded outlet (115v) indoors. 


How do I connect the transformer to the lighted frame?

When using the transformer, it must be installed indoors.  A 1/2" hole boring drill bit suitable for the mounting surface should be used to drill an access hole for the power cable. Caution: Avoid existing electrical wiring inside the wall when drilling the access hole.  Feed the power cable connected to the weatherproof Address LED lighted addres sign thru the hole and connect it to the power cable attached to the transformer. Plug the transformer in a grounded electrical outlet (115v only) indoors.


Does the weatherproof Address LED frame have a switch?

The Address LED does not have an integral power switch.  The product consumes approximately 4 watts of power.  A  timer can be purchased at a local home improvement store in your area.  Also, a low voltage timer (some with integral photocell) are available at local home improvement stores.  A weatherproof Address LED lighted street address plaque  connected to an existing low voltage landscape lighting system will operate similar to other light fixtures installed on the system.


Can it be solar-powered?

The weatherproof Address LED lighted street address sign is currently not solar-powered.  This option may become available in the future.


How do I clean it?

The weatherproof Address LED illuminated address sign can be opened from the front to allow the custom number plate and/or frame to be gently cleaned .  Do not use an abrasive brush or cleaning solution. Mild soap and water are fine.


Can I get a sample?

We are happy to create a sample design image before you buy. Please  contact  with the design criteria you're interested in.


Privacy Policy

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Warranty & Return Policy

All Address LED orders are sold with a 1 year warranty against material defects. If you received your order damaged, defective, or an incorrect item please contact our customer service department at
Defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced at Address LED discretion.
Any warranty claims must be submitted to Address LED within 72 hours of receipt and before product is altered in any manner or installation is attempted. Address LED reserves the right to inspect any order subject to a warranty claim (returned to Address LED) prior to replacement. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to inspect an order for material damage and/or defects.


Please note:  Due to the custom nature of this product, we are not able to accept returns, refund, exchanges, or cancellations.

Shipping Policy

Our primary method of shipment is via ground shipping through United Pacel Service (UPS).   Please allow 7-10 business days for transit time.  Online orders include free shipping at the time of the transaction through the Address LED online merchant - PayPAL.  Items returned as undeliverable will be subject to the original shipping charges, as well as subsequent shipping charges incurred in the process of resolving the issue.

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