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November 2012 - Emergency Services Will Appreciate the Increased Visibility of an Illuminated Street Address 


December 2012 - Home Décor Enthusiasts can Express their Design Style Outdoors with an Address LED Lighted Street Address Sign 


February 2013Address LED Announces Issuance of Design Patents for Lighted Street Address Sign Product 


September 2014 - Address LED Expands their Lighted Street Address Product Line with the Addition of Dark Bronze Painted Frame and Matching Dark Bronze Metallic Background Color


July 2015 - Address LED introduces new, warmer white LED illumination (3000K)


January 2016 - Mary Beth Barnett joins Address LED as Product Designer/Social Media Coordinator/Operations Mgr


November 2016 - Black frames receive semi-gloss powder coat finish upgrade.


February 2017 - Custom homebuilders specifiying Address LED for multi-housing developments.



15.06.100 Section R319—Site address


New buildings under the scope of the California Residential Code shall have approved illuminated address numbers or building numbers or approved building identification placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. These numbers shall be in contrasting color with their background. Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabetical letters. Where it is impractical to install illuminated numbers due to long driveways or other circumstances, approved reflective numbers with those properties listed above may be installed at the intersection of the driveway and road fronting the parcel. For existing properties, any additions, alterations or other work requiring a permit with a valuation over $20,000, approved numbers or addresses shall be installed. Numbers for buildings under the scope of the California Residential Code shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inches.


-The California Residential Building Code, 2013 Edition

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